Membrii consiliului director

Filiala Alba – Muntean Rus Ioan

ALBA Muntean Rus Ioan

Filiala Arad –  Verok Petru

ARAD Verok Petru

Filiala Bacau – Blidariu Ionel-Dorin

Blidariu Ionel-Dorin 001

Filiala Baia Mare – Nagy Cristian

BAIA MARE Naghi Cristian

Filiala Botosani – Andris Gicu


Filiala Brasov – Szabo Rozalia

BRASOV Szabo Rozalia

Filiala Braila – Mosescu Constantin

Mosescu Constantin Filiala Braila

Filiala Bucuresti – Emil Gavris

Gavris_Emil Filiala Bucuresti


Filiala Buzau – Zailic Neculai

BUZAU Zailic Neculai

Filiala Cluj – Necse Laurentiu

CLUJ Necse Laurentiu
Filiala Constanta – Netidu Costel


Filiala Craiova – Agoston Stefan

CRAIOVA Agoston Stefan

Filiala Drobeta-Turnu Severin – Boroanca Ilie

SEVERIN Boroanca Ilie

Filiala Galati – Toth Balint

GALATI Toth Balint

Filiala Harghita – Eross Tunde

Eross Tunde FIliala Harghita

Filiala Ialomita – Paraschiv Stan

Paraschiv Stan Filiala Ialomita

Filiala Iasi – Filip Paul

IASI Filip Paul

Filiala Maramures – Condrat Gheorghe

MARAMURES Condrat Gheorghe
Filiala Neamt – Botezatu Mihail

Botezatu Mihail NEAMT

Filiala Oradea – Temelie Monica

ORADEA Temelie Monica

Filiala Pitesti – Dinu Marian

PITESTI Dinu Marian

Filiala Ploiesti – Mortoiu Maria

Maria Mortoiu 001

Filiala Satu Mare – Erika Barbu

SATU MARE Erika Barbu

Filiala Sibiu – Bradea Nadia Maria

SIBIU Bradea Nadia Maria

Filiala Slatina – Badescu Vasile

badescu vasile SLATINA

Filiala Suceava – Toma Ghiorghi

SUCEAVA Toma Ghiorghi

Filiala Targoviste – Predica Virgil

TARGOVISTE Predica Virgil

Filiala Targu Jiu – Manoiu Constantin

Manoiu Constantin Filiala Tg Jiu

Filiala Targu Mures – Kertes Dorin

TG MURES Kertes Dorin

Filiala Timisoara – Verok Carol


Filiala Tulcea – Bercea Steluta
Filiala Valcea – Popescu Raul – Gabriel

VALCEA-Popescu Raul-Gabriel
Filiala Zalau – Csalanosi Alpar Beniamin

Zalau Csalanosi Alpar Beniamin

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