Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Dear partners and members of the Romanian National Association for the Deaf,

For this wonderful season of joy and thanksgiving, we would like to express our gratitude for our partnership and we look forward to complete all the projects in behalf of deaf persons.

Our Association is proud to represent such a lovely and committed community like the community of deaf people in Romania and we most definitely want to represent you in the future and bring positive results.

We wish you a merry Christmas and may you all have a hearty, festive holiday season!

Mihail Grecu

President of the Romanian National Association for the Deaf



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3rd December – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Since 1992, on December 3rd, we celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. This day was established by the United Nations and aims to promote disabled people by informing citizens on the disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. Also, every year, we aim to raise awareness of the benefits that would result from the integration of persons with disabilites in political, social, economic and cultural issues.

Disability is not a personal issue, but it falls upon society which, in this day, it becomes more aware and more responsible towards the person in a difficult situation.

In Romania, the number of people with disabilities is over 700,000 on 30/06/2014, figures that supports the idea that society has responsibility towards this group.

Both in Europe and other continents, people with disabilities are under the protection of an important document drafted by the UN, namely the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Convention was ratified by Romania by Law 221/2010. This normative act is under implementation and Romania is responsible for carrying out the provisions of this act.

On this important day, A.N.S.R. – National Council sends a message of solidarity towards people with disabilities, regardless of its type and degree, but we are addressing in particular to persons with hearing disabilities for which we make efforts every day to support their needs and their requirements. We are by your side and we identify with this cause: inclusion and solidarity.


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Human rights day

Every year, on December 10th, the international community celebrates the Human Rights Day. On this special day, the The Romanian Institute for Human Rights organization and the Romanian Parliament organised a symposiom dedicated to this celebration.

10122014(002) 10122014(001)

The importance of this date is that the UN General Assembly proclaimed that all human beings have equal rights and these rights should be protected by the State. Romania has signed the International Convention of Human Rights and is proud to join other states in celebrating this special day.

A delegation of the Romanian National Association for the Deaf (Paraschiv Elisabeta – Vice President and Sima Paulian – Social Worker) has participated at this symposiom. Our social worker made a presentation of the views of the Association, regarding the instruments of monitoring the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The materials will be posted on the website of the Romanian Institute for Human Rights: www.

This meeting is a first step in the equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities in society. We will keep you updated with all the information on the activities of the Institute for Human Rights so you can have the proper information on the rights of persons with disabilities formal hearing.

A.N.S.R. – National Council

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Press Communication

We have the pleasure to inform you that, by mergency Ordinance no. 96/2014 Ordinance establishing measures of reorganization in the central public administration and amending and supplementing laws, was re-founded the National Authority for Disabled Persons under the name of “National Authority for Persons with Disabilities”.

This new entity will operate under the Ministry of Labor, Family, and Social Protection, in accordance with the provisions of Government Decision which is published on the website of the Ministry of Labour, Decisional Transparency.

Our Association is glad to give you this information and applauds the Government’s decision. We invite you to visit the website of the Ministry of Labour:

A.N.S.R. – National Council

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ATENTIE! Oferta de angajare pentru persoane cu handicap auditiv

Poza pentru Comunicat 17.09

Compania multinationala, asociata cu posta franceza, doreste sa angajeze un numar de 30-40 persoane cu dizabilitati auditive, in posturile disponibile de operator de insertare.

Fisa postului pentru aceasta functie presupune rapiditate, atentie si rabdare. Activitatea consta in introducerea de materiale publicitare (flyere, reviste, obiecte promotionale) in plicuri care sunt adresate clientilor firmei. Exista un numar de plicuri care trebuie pregatite intr-o zi si daca depasiti acest numar, se acorda o suma in plus.

Conducerea companiei asigura plata in cazul realizarii planului a sumei de 50 lei pe zi. Exista posibilitatea unei munci suplimentare si daca compania solicita, se va lucra si in weekend pentru cazuri speciale. De asemenea, si aceasta munca va fi platita.

Activitatea se va desfasura in zona industriala Chitila, judet Ilfov, la sediul companiei Mediapost Hit Mail. Conditiile de angajare presupun o stare de sanatate buna, demonstrata prin fisa medicala de la medicul de familie. Varsta trebuie sa fie peste 18 ani si sa nu fie pensionar de invaliditate gradul I sau II. Se accepta pensionari pentru limita de varsta si pensionari gradul III de invaliditate. De asemenea, o conditie importanta o reprezinta respectarea disciplinei la locul de munca (seriozitate, punctualitate si dorinta de a avea un loc de munca permanent).

Programul de lucru este flexibil si incepe in jurul orei 7-7:30, existand posibilitatea asigurarii transportului de la domiciliu, din anumite puncte principale. Este de preferat ca persoanele care doresc sa se angajeze sa aiba domiciliul in Bucuresti sau sectorul Ilfov, in localitatile: Buftea, Chitila, Mogosoaia, Tartasesti.

Pentru inscriere, va asteptam la sediul Filialei Bucuresti din Strada Italiana, nr. 3, sector 2 sau ne puteti contacta pe adresa de e-mail

A.N.S.R. – Consiliul National

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